Demons cause epilepsy, deafness, blindness, muteness, and suicidal feelings, Schizophrenia

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Written by Faith Healer Exorcist,

In the New Testament demons cause epilepsy, deafness, blindness, muteness, and suicidal feelings. I have just finished reading The Devil Within and the symptoms below certainly have the makings of a demon, so we start by asking what causes mental illness. This is a subject I feel a need to talk about. Do you suffer from social isolation and withdrawal, irrational, bizarre or odd statements or beliefs? Increased paranoia or questioning others' motives, becoming more emotionless, hostile or suspicious about others.
Do you have increasing reliance on drugs or alcohol and lack motivation. Are you speaking in a strange manner unlike yourself, in other words, speaking in tongues? Do you laugh inappropriately, unlike to you? Do you suffer insomnia or find you are oversleeping? Has your personal appearance and hygiene deteriorated? Do you hear voices?

From what I have seen the answer lies, in most cases is demon possession. When a person has mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar, major depression, psychosis, multiple personality disorder or has suicidal thoughts the individual has quite literally lost their mind to invading evil demon spirits. Can you believe that? - they inhabit the human body and take over an individual’s mind and health. Let’s talk about Jane; she came for an exorcism and she advised me that she had been diagnosed as being schizophrenic.

She shared with me that she had been grossly abused in her life by her Father and other men in her life. She also was involved in prostitution and had a problem with race and religion. She has been involved for many years of her life with drugs such as cocaine, methadone, marijuana, LSD, opium, ecstasy, heroin, ganja, resin and skunk - all of these happenings in her life had led to suicidal thoughts. Jane was weak mentally, physically and emotionally and this had allowed the demons to enter. Sadly, no-one was there to help Jane. Can you imagine how many people are out there with the same problem? Many.

Demon spirits pray on those who are weak mentally, physically and emotionally. When a person suffers a trauma in their life of this magnitude, they are then unable to cope with the trauma mentally, emotionally or physically. This leaves a vacuum of space open for evil demon spirits to reside within the body and soul, influencing our mind and feelings. Can you imagine that? Yes, it’s true and I can relate to that and from what I have seen, we must be careful and very vigilant.

These demon spirits enter the body and take over the mind when the person is emotionally vulnerable and are seeking to escape their own life. The person tries to seek help everywhere from tarot card readers, clairvoyance, fortune tellers, mediums and so forth; but still they remain in trouble. Our Churches cannot help people because the Priests are either afraid of the devil, are possessed themselves or do not have the necessary skills to help them. Take for example drug usage in teenagers or adults today – these people are often emotionally troubled and seek to escape the reality of their troubled lives, but taking drugs causes holes to appear in their lives.

It is also a form of escapism that fragments the soul, therefore leaving the individual open and vulnerable to demon possession. This is why schizophrenia has been linked to drug abuse and usage allowing the invasion of hordes of evil demon spirits that hi-jack the soul and mind of the troubled individual after they have used such a variety of drugs. Free yourself from drugs and later free yourself of schizophrenia and all other mental disorders. If not, you will definitely lose control of your mind to demon possession and possibly end up in a psychiatric/ mental institution.

We also need to understand severe or more extreme types of mental illness such as bipolar, personality disorder, multiple personality disorder or psychosis; all of these can be linked to a large number of evil and powerful demons which may enter the soul of some person involved. The person has literally lost control of their soul and mind to these powerful demon spirits.
Major depression, suicide and suicidal thoughts are also caused by demon spirits that influence the mind and emotions of the person's soul and body they inhabit. I have heard and read that they can reside in a human body for as long as 20 - 30 years or more without us knowing. Can you imagine that?

Well today we have Jesus Christ to free us from our bondage's, we must remember to live your life with him and you will be saved. The Bible prescribes answers but Christian leaders must first describe the exact nature of the problem.
Pastors might not be able to help a mentally ill person in a crisis such as the above, but they can preserve the relationship with the possessed person until stabilization is reached. Once the problem is understood, the Bible has great relevance to the needs and questions among families of the mentally ill. AMEN.