Why do we need repentance

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When Jesus spoke, He often said that His people needed to repent. He said that He came to call “sinners, to repentance” (Luke 5:32).
That message is just as much for us today as it was for people living 2,000 years ago. Everyone needs to learn how to repent of sin because God “commands all men everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:30). For no one can receive the gift of eternal life without first repenting of sin.
Yet repentance is often misunderstood. Many see it as an emotional reaction to guilt, feeling remorseful for our sins, or simply asking God for forgiveness.

Also to recognize that God’s thoughts are higher and better than ours.
So we need to change to true repentance is changing how we think. We need to come to recognize that God’s mind and thoughts are truly higher (and better) than ours, change to true repentance is to humbly acknowledge our personal guilt to God—which means confessing our sins and realizing how far we fall short of God’s thoughts and ways in our lives.

Change to true repentance is turning away (or giving up) the sins in our life, Change to true repentance is changing our lives to bring ourselves into alignment with God. God’s laws define what we must change. We must take God’s instructions seriously. This is what the Bible calls being converted. Change to true repentance is having “faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 20:21). We confess our sins to God, and He forgives us because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

We need to have faith that Christ not only sacrificed Himself for our sins but also that His sacrifice does remove our sins. Our human nature is affected by the carnal mind, and it will never go away in this life. We will spend the remainder of our lives struggling against our sins. We will win some battles; we will lose others. But so long as God sees we sincerely desire not to sin, that we hate sin and struggle against it, that we continually repent, He is merciful. Amen
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