What Is The Worst Evil?

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What is Evil?

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from, we should know that man is the cruelest animal off our times. Try to remember that evil begins when you begin to treat people as things. I say that Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him. I think the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him. Remember that our labor preserves us from three great evils - weariness, vice, and want. So if you try to cure evil with evil you will add more pain to your fate, there is no denying that there is evil in this world but the light will always conquer the darkness.


What is Sin?
God knows I'm not perfect, either. I've made tons of stupid mistakes, and later I regretted them. And I've done it over and over again, thousands of times, It is to Sin that the glory of God not honored, his holiness not reverenced, his greatness not admired, not even praised, Well the truth of God is not sought, or being esteemed, his beauty is not treasured, or savored, that is what sin is. The faithfulness of God Is not trusted, his commandments not obeyed, or respected, also the wrath of God is not feared, his grace is not cherished, God is not loved, that is what Sin is. For people to whom sin is just a matter of words, to them, salvation is just worded too, the only sin is the sin of being born, Lucifer: Pride took him from heaven, though he sat at God's right hand, His voice grew faint, the hint of a whisper. In the end, pride is the only evil, the root of all sins. So If you say that you never lie in life, you honestly insult God’s wisdom and intelligence. Amen

What is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit will teach you, how to distinguish between right and wrong, he guides us back to the right path, If the holy spirit is in you, you are free, even if you are in a physical jail you must just believe. My own experience is that the Holy Spirit puts ideas into the heart of the believer. So listen to your heart into which the Holy Spirit has put the treasure He has for you, The guidance of the Holy Spirit enables us to know God’s will for our life. The Spirit inspired the Word and therefore He goes where the Word goes. The more of God's Word you know and love, the more of God's Spirit you will experience, The Sermon on the Mount is not a set of principles to be obeyed apart from identification with Jesus Christ. The Sermon on the Mount is a statement of the life we will live when the Holy Spirit is getting his way with us. You may not fully discover who you are until you are helped by the Holy Spirit, remember also not give people a piece of your mind but a piece of God's LOVE. If you need freeing from your possessions, all you need to do is call Andrew on 07871566649 you dont have to live with your possessions.