Types of Occult Satanic Worship Are you possessed?

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There are many ways satan is worshipped through occult means that includes demon worship:

Divination was one of the specific practices on occult worship Divination is an illegitimate means of determining the will of God. The Christian desiring to know the will of God should consult the Scriptures, not the stars.

A occult practice of today was also banned by God. ‘Have you been involved, Necromancy is an effort to communicate with and interrogate the dead. As the Bible teaches the dead are unable to communicate with the living, the necromancer was considered an abomination unto the Lord.

The use of magic formulas and incantations was also forbidden. Today it is popular to distinguish between white and black magic, but leading biblical scholars agree that both forms of magic find their source and strength in demonic power. Have you been involved.

Closely related to magic is sorcery. Magic usually relates to accomplishing specific acts-such as rods becoming serpents-whereas sorcery relates more closely with calling upon demons to create situations around people.Have you been involved.

Around the world today, there exists a growing number of those who call themselves witches. Witchcraft is directly opposed to God. A witch is one who makes use of magic and sorcery to accomplish the will of demons. Are you familiar.

Demons attack in a number of ways, And bring on Physical Illness

Physical Disease
There are many reasons why a person may experience physical illness. Sometimes it is the result of God’s judgment for sin Do you suffer with this illness.

Mental Disease
Various forms of mental diseases can also be attributed to demons. In at least two cases of demon possession treated by Jesus during his ministry, the demons had so affected the minds of the victims to cause abnormal behavior. Do you have this disease.

Moral Impurity
For the Christian, our final moral code of ethics is the Bible. Those who oppose God would also oppose, the morality of the Bible. Demons are instrumental in leading both the saved and unsaved into moral compromise. Have you been involved.

False Doctrine
Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons.

Spiritual Battle
One of the chief difficulties of living for God today is not the social pressures or inconvenience of life; it is the spiritual battle in which we are engaged. Our enemies are demons.

Demon Possession
Demon possession, as we understand it, occurs when God permits demons to possess a person and control his mind or body. Do you feel possessed.

Understanding Demon Possession
There is much confusion about demon possession. Demon possession is the culmination of a volitional rejection of God and a volitional acceptance of Satan and his demons. Are you suffering.

Can Christians Have Demons?
The short answer is no. Satan and his demons may tempt us, but they cannot dwell within us.

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