Satan and his Demons Of Bad Influences

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Satan and his Demons Influences

Why has Satan and his Demons have so much influence over mankind? the Word of God states the Evil one controls the whole world. (1John:19), The Gospels also identifies that Satan has this enormous influence over mankind but we need to believe that in the first place.

But God encourages Christians to fight against the Satans evil tricks, ane of his tricks is to deceive people into believing that his agents are actually servants of God can you imagine that. We are to be aware that Satan also misleads people through mediums, fortune-tellers, and those who practice divination, together with Drug abuse, hypnotism, any these expose people to Demon control.

And above all what about false religions that teach false doctrines to mislead people into disobeying God. The Word of God calls such false beliefs and teachings these are the works of Powerful Demons. (1 Timothy4:1).
The Word of God records cases of evil spirits taking control of individuals, using their vocal cords, and these Demons are able to speak through people, this is the works of powerful Demons at work. Many times Demon-possessed people were struck blind or became mute with death ness these are the works of powerful Demons and they are real to the core. (Matthew 12:22Mark 5:-5)

What do we have to do to avoid the Devil’s influence over us?

We don't need not live in dread of Demon control, for the Word of God shows us how we can successfully oppose Satan, but we must learn how to recognize the Satans methods so that we are not ignorant of his designs. (2. Corinthians 2:11) We need to take into account the knowledge from the Word of God, and then apply what we learn, its what I call applying these biblical principles that will protect us from the Satans influence.

Also, we need to get rid of anything connected with Demon activity. (Acts 19:19) Which includes Dread music, books of the occult, magazines of nakedness or pornography involvement, all these are to be avoided at all cost. Keep away from Occult practices. I sincerely hope we have learned something here today, Satan and his Demons are real. And If by any chance you feel any kind of possession within you than all you have to do is get in touch with Andrew or Phone Faith Healer Exorcist, we are an independent ministry all our work is done privately. I personally don't believe in exposing peoples misery. Thank for reading this Article look forward to hearing from you all.
Amen and God Bless.