A list Of General Sins

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Below you will find a list of general sins. None of the lists are exhaustive, so you might consider customizing your own lists that contain your specific sins.

Bitterness (unforgiveness, resentfulness, retaliation, anger/wrath, rage, hatred, violence, murder, suicide, etc.) deception (lying, deceit, false accusation, unfairness, belittling, slander)
gossip (back-biting, judgemental)
Accusation (accusing others, accusing yourself, accusing God,
Envy/Jealousy (theft, coveting, envy, rivalry, gossip, accusation, greed, strife, division, etc.)
Spirit of Rejection - (self rejection, abandonment, accusation, false burden bearing, fear, etc.)
Unloving Spirit - perversion (immorality, talking vulgar, masochism, sadism, homosexuality, bestiality, rape, lust, fornication, masturbation, sodomy, incest, and molestation, self-rejection, self-bitterness, self-hatred, self-comparison, self-analiation, self-sabotage, gluttony, self-mutilation, etc. abuse (abusing someone physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally; violence, drunkenness, instigating arguments, abortion) )
Spirit of Fear (doubt and unbelief, worry, etc.)
Occult (rebellion, witchcraft, stubbornness, pride, arrogance, vanity, occult, division - fortune telling, hypnotism, idolatry, sorcery, witchcraft, necromancy and wizardry, controlling others, and self, matriarchal, patriarchal, deception, etc.)

These sins are those that other people perpetrated against you. If you were abused then you need to renounce the sins of your abuser so that you may not become the same kind of perpetrator. It is not uncommon for an abused person to fall into the same sin his or her abuser committed; therefore these sins must be renounced so that may never happen. If you feel you have a possession you need help we are here for you, possession is a serious thing you dont have to live with it Just give us a call details are available on website. We are a private company independent all information is private the is no need to worry thanks.